About ACRIS Services

How one email made $250,000 and the discovery that generated thousands of leads for residential home builders.


About ACRISACRIS Services started out by selling scaffold to builders. At one point we were the largest supplier of Acrow Props in the country.

But that all changed in the blink of an eye.

Despite being the largest supplier of Acrow Props in the country, we didn’t import or store any of the stock. Instead we relied on a supplier who was well connected in China.

Big mistake!

They often asked us how we managed to sell 20 times more than they could. Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before they figured it out.

The secret was in our point of difference. Every scaffold company was taking days to get a price for carriage and then waiting for the customer to approve the additional cost before accepting an order.

Our process was a lot faster, we offered free delivery and dispatched the orders on the same day.


So once they figured out what we were doing they copied our strategy and doubled our cost prices effectively pushing us out of the market overnight!

We had to find something else to sell…and fast. So we started emailing our database of builders with information, gently trying to find out what they needed and how we could help them.

You know what they all wanted more than anything else?

Quality Leads!

The responses were coming thick and fast, builders we’re almost begging us to help with their lead generation.

Then disaster…

“Stop sending me this ####”


“Get lost”

What happened? The CRM software system we were using had gone into meltdown and was blasting the database repeatedly with the same message. Even to contacts that had previously unsubscribed!

This was a disaster. Our list of potential clients was being destroyed by a software glitch.

How could this happen, and why now??

We had collected over 20,000 quality leads over the past few years selling scaffold, so we knew lead generation was something we could help builders to do for their own company. But who is going to trust what looks like a spammer?

ACRIS Services StoryIt got worse. The following week we received an email from the government. Getting an email from the government is rarely a good thing, but when it comes with a threat of a $250,000 fine. . it’s terrifying.

This was a big problem. We’d just lost our entire income in the blink of an eye and now the company was facing a $250k fine.

The software company we used had admitted responsibility but they were overseas. The government wanted to set an example and who better than a small business that didn’t have the finances to fight back.

We needed help, and needed it fast.

So we turned to email marketing expert, Russ Stephens for advice.

He told us we only have one shot at responding to this. There is no court appearance where you can plead your case, this is a slam dunk fine…

He went straight to work and created what we now refer to internally as ‘the $250k email.’

After pressing ‘send’ and reflecting on the whole injustice of it all, we started to wonder. What if this had happened to a builder?

And that’s when it hit us…

What if we created a system for builders that was bullet proof!

One that would ONLY send out emails to people who had requested information from the builder.

And what if we built in a sequence of professional email templates for builders to use when communicating with new prospects?

That would position them as an authority, build trust and create rapport.

And that’s how Keep In Touch for builders was ‘born’.

Every opt in was logged, every unsubscribe was prevented from receiving emails and it all happened automatically. No builder would ever have to go through what we went through.   

In no time at all over 100 builders had signed up and were using Keep In Touch to nurture their prospects into contracts.

The email templates inside the system made it easy for any builder to get up and running within hours.

It was all really exciting to begin with, but there was a problem. While this system was great for following up new leads, it still didn’t solve the #1 problem builders were telling us they faced every day.


How to generate more quality leads.


So we thought about how we’d built up the scaffold business from nothing… And we realised that virtually every single lead had come from either Google & Facebook.

About ACRIS Services

Would those same strategies we’d had been using work for residential home builders targeting consumers?

So we tested it out with a small group of custom home builders… and the answer was a resounding YES!

It worked on Google Adwords, it worked on Facebook and it even worked using search engine optimisation to generate quality leads from search engines like Bing & Google.

It all comes down to sending the right message, to the right person at the right time. Something that was further demonstrated when the government backed down from their threat to issue a $250k fine and instead settled for a warning.

So we developed a strategy that generates a consistent stream of new leads and then follows them up with professionally prepared emails. Emails that position that builder as an authority while building trust and creating rapport with their customers. This is the formula we have been applying to residential building companies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and the UK.

And rather than using the Lead Generation formula to sell other companies products, ACRIS Services are now committed to using it to help builders grow their own businesses.